How to sell beats in 2019.


How to sell beats in 2019.

1) Make Beats.
2) Be good and making Beats.
3) Make listening to your beats possible, by having them publicly available (on social media platforms for example).
4) Show / Tell people that you make beats on a social media account.
5) Have a website where u can buy the beats, and put that link in your Insta bio.

there’s options out there, but:
Instagram + (u can buy/sell beats here) is enough.
Instagram + youtube + is also good.

add more social platforms to get more reach as u progress.

Thats it!

here is a great example.

Nico Farclas is a beat maker from Hamburg Germany.

He has an Instagram page where he show cases himself making beats.

here’s his account

A page I follow reposted once of his vids.

here’s that repost

i liked the beat, so i checked out his account, he has a lot of examples on his page and a simple description and link in his bio where u can BUY HIS BEATS!

It’s really simple stuff… we’re in the Era of Independence for those willing to grab it.

His marketing is simply him in real life, creating.

If u can’t make complex vids.. just point your phone and shoot either yourself in action, or just the screen, or the speaker.. or any other creative thing you can come up with, keep it short and punchy. Film the drop, or the hook, or the chorus… experiment.

Those who resonate, will be attracted to what you’re doing.

Its the Law of Attraction. Act & Attract.

go get it.

carlo santone