Adding Social Icons to Squarespace without connecting accounts.


Here it is as direct as i can make it.

I was struggling to find a clear piece on this issue, so i wrote one. here it is.

YES, You CAN get add social icons to your squarespace site Header (and other areas) WITHOUT connecting your Social Accounts. This piece relates to the HEADER but apply the same concepts across your site where you want the icons.

You do this with & some simple code injections.
*note - font awesome recently updated their code, so if you’re seeing little squares or errors instead of icons, chances are you’re using old code from a dated blog (i noticed there’s a few going around, hence writing this updated one)...

STEP 1) go to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection

Add the below code to the HEADER section:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-UHRtZLI+pbxtHCWp1t77Bi1L4ZtiqrqD80Kn4Z8NTSRyMA2Fd33n5dQ8lWUE00s/" crossorigin="anonymous">

STEP 2) go to Pages > Primary Navigation > hit the + sign for ‘CREATE NEW PAGE’ > select the LINK option (at bottom of section)

STEP 3) a pop-up will appear, in the Link Title section paste one of these codes below (only the line in BOLD) and simply repeat the process for each new icon you want, ie set up a new link each time:

For Youtube:
<i class="fab fa-youtube fa-3x"></i>

For Insta:
<i class="fab fa-instagram fa-3x"></i>

For Facebook:
<i class="fab fa-facebook-square fa-3x"></i>

The codes above are using a sizing code that i personally feel is good, but you can change that.
to change the size use these codes here:

For all other avail social icons visit here and search your icon and copy the code:

this is the exact process i’ve use on my site:

enjoy! spread the word / love / peace.

carlo santone